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Wildwood Newsletter 12/8/17

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the snowy weather! I love this peaceful winter beauty. It has been a little crazy at my house, as our heat decided to break this weekend, but we’re keeping warm with sweaters and a fire and space heaters, and I’m finally getting a little breather to write a newsletter…

First a quick update about the house we’re considering on Jesse Brown Road for next year. We really appreciated all the input at our parent gathering last Sunday (we didn’t have time for additional discussions…next time!), and we are actually still in the process of having inspections done and gathering all the information about the house that we need to make this decision. We should have more information by next week, and we will keep you posted as soon as we know more!

I am full of gratitude to parents right now…first a BIG thank you to Jimmy for taking such wonderful photos of our Wildwood group last week! Not only did we get amazing photos of our kids, but we have raised some much needed funds for Wildwood thanks to parent donations (many thanks to all of you!!). Also thanks to Angela for organizing a fun trip for many Wildwooders to see the Rudolph play at Barter Theatre, and to Mark Powell for his continued support of a writing group at Wildwood (he is inspiring many budding writers here).  We are all super grateful to Mark and Anne Dixon for hosting such an awesome holiday party at Galileo’s on Tuesday! And last but definitely not least, many thanks to the Campbells for so generously donating their coffee (and Jason’s many hours of roasting time!) to support Wildwood through their fundraiser.

We’ve had a lot going on the past couple of weeks…including the arrival of Sierra for her much anticipated visit! I’m including a note from her below, but first I’ll just mention a few of the things we’ve been up to at Wildwood recently: learning solitaire with Finley, playing chess and backgammon, lots of creating and performing plays, learning French with me in a pretend pastry shop (patisserie), learning Spanish with Sierra in a pretend food market, engraving metal, making squishy fidgets for meetings with Alyssa, more hide and seek in the woods with Thomas (with evolving and participatory structures and guidelines), mock battles on the new “beach” from the flood on the other side of the river, making and sustaining fires in the fire pit, making/learning origami with Owen, helping Sierra make a new video about Wildwood, celebrating Grace’s and Mike’s birthdays, playing big group games with Alyssa, blogging, making rustic toothbrushes out of birch twigs, and random spontaneous conga lines. 🙂

From Sierra: 

I am overjoyed to be back to visit after 10 months of missing Wildwood terribly. This week was a amazing whirlwind of connecting with everyone from last year and meeting those I hadn’t met yet. It’s so beautiful to see how the community has grown, how the culture developed while integrating new members and how all the kids have blossomed in so many ways. I see more intentionality, more student leadership, and more diversity and creativity in the play and learning. I’m so grateful to see how much the wider community in Boone has come to support and value Wildwood, and to everyone involved, coming together around what is for sure the most magical space for kids I’ve been in. (Of course I’m biased.) But really, in all my travels and conversations with people who are trying to create similar learning communities, I always end up sharing stories about Wildwood, my shining example of what is possible. Thank you all for being a part of it, especially thanks to all the kids who continue teaching me so much, and to Rebekah and Nicole and Alyssa and Thomas for holding SO MUCH magical space.


Have a wonderful snow-filled weekend!



  • Sierra is making a new video about Wildwood that will be HUGELY helpful in our efforts to fundraise and share what Wildwood is about with others…and we also need your help! Please consider taking 10 minutes at pick-up one day next week to tell a little of your story about Wildwood, what it means to you and your family, and why you would like to see it continue to exist. Sierra will have her camera ready!
  • The kids decided they would like to spend time next week making crafts to give as holiday gifts. We will bring materials in for some of their ideas, and if your child has an idea for a gift craft that you’d like to bring in materials for, please do! (just let us know what you’re planning if possible)
  • The kids also decided to do “Secret Santa” gifts again this year…they have all picked a name of someone to give a gift to, and have promised to keep these names a secret (though we did say if they are having trouble thinking of something that person would like, they are welcome to ask their parents to text/call the person’s parents for ideas). These are meant to be very inexpensive gifts…nothing over around $10, and handmade gifts are wonderful! We will bring and share these gifts on Monday, December 18.
  • We have a week and a half left for parent “check-ins”: you can sign up here or contact me and Nicole to set up a different time and/or place. If you aren’t able to meet before the holidays, we’ll schedule one for right after we come back in January.
  • Please don’t forget to send Rebekah the emails of any people (relatives, friends, possible donors, etc.) you think would like to be on the list for a monthly Wildwood email newsletter (with details/photos about what we’re up to, etc.)…we’d like to send the first one out soon (which will also include an invitation to end-of-year giving if anyone is interested)!


Saturday, Dec. 9, 12-1pm: Young World Radio Show with Wildwood kids hosting airs again!
                                              96.5FM in Boone, 1450AM in Bethel
Thursday, Dec. 14, Appalachian Ski Mountain Homeschool Ski Day
 This is not a Wildwood event, but some Wildwood kids may be going! Please let us know if your child is planning to ski on this day so we know who is coming to Wildwood. Thanks!
Monday, Dec. 18: “Holiday Party”…We’ll exchange secret Santa gifts, pop some popcorn, watch a slideshow of photos from this semester, and anyone who would like to send in a little treat to share is welcome to (but totally not necessary)! This is also Sierra’s last day of her visit with us.
Tuesday, Dec. 19: Last day before break!

Dec 19 – last day before winter break

Jan 8 – first day back after winter break

Jan 15 – closed for MLK Jr. Day

March 5-9 – Break

April 2-3 – Break

May 17 – Last day

Future Community Meetings (Mondays, 5:30-7:15):
Jan 22
March 19
May 14

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