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Wildwood Newsletter 1/21/18

Hi everyone!

Hope you have all enjoyed our warmer sunny weather today! We’ve had a fun start to 2018 at Wildwood the past couple weeks…I think the group really missed each other over the break and were excited to reconnect.

Some of the things we’ve been up to are…learning new games (GUBS with Sophia, Scrambled States of America with Grace), getting super skilled at solving Rubik’s cubes with lessons from Ray, lots of jumprope (including learning Chinese jumprope!), wood burning, Night at the Museum, playing with circle patterns, learning time-telling skills, French bakery (“ce gateau, s’il vous plait!”), telestrations, sanctuary tag, filming “the movie” with Owen, exploring the ice-covered river, playing in the snow, lego building, feelings charades, celebrating Kirra’s birthday, talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, watching a short film about the life and work of MLK Jr., Mystery Science (about rivers) with Alyssa, and just hanging out and chatting/reconnecting. Scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for a few photos!

We also spent our “Change-Up meeting” time this past week talking about our wishes, goals, and new ideas for the spring at Wildwood. Some of these wishes/goals were: creating book clubs, doing 3-D printing at Wildwood, learning about other cultures (and cooking/sampling other cuisines), learning French and Spanish and sign language, getting a Wildwood pet, having an “Adult Day of Play” (where parents/grandparents/friends can come spend a whole day participating in their own ALC day, with kids facilitating…more details to come 🙂 ), more walks and hide & seek in the woods, planning fundraisers for Wildwood, watching a caterpillar change to a butterfly, creating “deep dive teams” (where small groups dive into an area of interest together for several days/weeks), learning about different professions from people in the community, and having a Wildwood bonfire night and/or campout. We’ll post all these and more on a “wishes/goals” board on the wall and start working toward as many of them as we can. If you notice any ideas that you might be able to contribute to some way, please let us know!

We are so grateful to Jimmy Davidson (and to Catherine Scantlin for organizing), whose photo fundraiser raised $300 in donations for Wildwood, and also gave us so many wonderful photos of our kids and the whole Wildwood group! And a big thanks to the Campbells, whose coffee fundraiser raised $456 for Wildwood! All of these funds are a huge help to meet our expenses, support our sliding scale system to keep Wildwood accessible to anyone regardless of income, and start saving for future relocation costs.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow (Monday 1/22) evening at our Wildwood Community Meeting! Although I had shared an article to talk about at this meeting, I think we will postpone discussing this (possibly to the optional discussion group meeting next month) since we have had several requests to share information about using Agile tools at home. We’ll discuss Agile tools, both for home and at Wildwood, and may include further discussion of nonviolent communication techniques as well during this discussion. I do still hope everyone can read the article, and we’ll plan a discussion of it soon. Here is the Trello board listing possible topics for discussion during tomorrow’s meeting…if there is anything else you’d like to discuss, please add it to the list or let Nicole or me know, so we can be sure to make time for that!

Also, just FYI, I will be attending this event in Atlanta (on Feb. 3) about combining social justice and self-directed education, in case anyone else is interested in coming!  https://www.heartwoodalc.org/summit/

Thanks to each and every one of you for being part of this community, and I look forward to seeing you this week!




Monday, Jan. 22:  Wildwood Community Meeting (gather at 5:30, meeting from 5:45-7:15)

Wednesday, Jan. 24: Appalachian Ski Mountain Homeschool Ski Day
Thursday, Jan. 25, 11am, Writing Club with Mark Powell (a reminder for those in this group)
Monday, February 19: Parent Discussion Group (details TBA)

March 5-9 – Break

April 2-3 – Break

May 17 – Last day

Future Community Meetings (Mondays, 5:30-7:15):
Jan 22
March 19
May 14
Learning a new card game: GUBS
Lots of lego ship building


Watching a video about the life and work of MLK Jr.
Feelings charades
Feelings charades
Rubik’s cubing
Celebrating Kirra’s birthday
Watching the film footage
Visit to the river after the ice melted
Chinese jumprope!
watching the MLK Jr. video
French bakery (“la patisserie”)
Playing with circle patterns
Learning to solve the Rubik’s cube from Ray
Chatting in the sanctuary — so glad to be back together
Night at the Museum
More Chinese jumprope!
Scrambled States of America
Scrambled States of America
More GUBS!

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