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Wildwood Newsletter 1/28/17

Hi everyone!

Hope you all have enjoyed the weekend and are staying healthy despite the illnesses going around Boone. I’ve been home with a sick girl, and have heard of some other kids not feeling well… We’ll be reminding kids to wash their hands frequently tomorrow (you may even want to mention this to them on the way in). We’ll try to make some more vitamin C gummies for Wildwood this week to boost our immune systems!

It was great to have some sunny (if chilly) days at Wildwood last week…the kids enjoyed going on a hike (to the “cave” Silas found and a new section of “beach” by the river), playing hide and seek in the woods, and many games of ball tag outside. There was also a LOT of dance practice (Qynn and Sita are our resident choreographer/directors), and we got to watch a performance directed by Sita on Tuesday, just before her 9th birthday celebration! It was interesting to hear their reflections later about the process of preparing for a performance and how it went, and things they learned for next time. Several kids had a great time making (and eating) vitamin C gummies with Thomas, and there were games galore (a Harry Potter game brought by Annabelle, Telestrations, Monopoly, a new card game, and spontaneous pretend games that I can’t even begin to describe), as well as lego creating, sanctuary tag, alien art, and gingerbread cookie baking. We’ve been playing a lot with compasses, rulers, and graph paper to create interesting geometric designs, and explored the relationship between hexagons and circles. Writing clubs met this week, and Alyssa offered a fun Mystery Science activity about seed dispersal where we created different types of “seeds” out of paper and experimented with how they float or glide or twirl their way to the ground. We also enjoyed spending time with a visiting family on Thursday, who are new to Boone and interested in Wildwood for their boys Micah and Sage, ages 8 and 11.

Thanks to everyone who has completed the doodle polls sent out earlier today! Here are the links again for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to complete them yet:

Adult Day of Play (in April)

Next WW Community Meeting (in March)

Facilitating Self-Directed Learning for Parents (online class in February)

Have a wonderful week!



  • Good news, we received a donation of two chromebooks, a chromestick, and monitors today from community friends Brent James and Catherine Fountain! We are working on getting them ready for use at Wildwood for weekly reflections/blogging, projects/research, etc.
  • We have found a great possibility for a location next year…Regeneration Church, 174 Brown Farm Rd. (just off 421 toward Deep Gap). They have a large educational wing/fellowship hall that we could use for a very reasonable cost, and it meets all our criteria. I’ll be scheduling a time to meet the pastor there this Wednesday, 1/31 to bring anyone that wants to see the space…if you feel like you need to see it before we make a decision, please contact me asap and we’ll try and schedule this visit at a time you can join us!
  • We have started a new system of keeping muddy/dirty shoes out of the Wildwood house…they can be removed outside and placed on shoe racks. If your child would like to have indoor shoes or slippers to wear in the house, please feel free to send them to be kept at Wildwood.
  • Please check the porch table every afternoon at pick-up to see if there are any loose items that belong to your child/family…thank you!


Wed., Jan. 31, 4:15-5:15pm, Greenway Baptist Church:  Parent Discussion Group (optional)
  • We’ll share our thoughts about incorporating math in the process of self-directed learning, as well as a general discussion on facilitating self-directed learning at home. Please let me know if you’d like to come so I can give you information about where to meet.
    If you plan to come, please look over these articles beforehand:
Wednesday, February 7:  Appalachian Ski Mountain Homeschool Ski Day

March 5-9 – Break

April 2-3 – Break

May 17 – Last day

Future Community Meetings:
March (TBD)
May (TBD)


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