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Wildwood Newsletter 2/19/18

Hi everyone!

So sorry for the postponed and delayed newsletter! I’m recovering at home today from my sickness, but am hopeful that I will be back at WW soon. Hope you all are well!

Some highlights from the past couple of weeks:

Emma’s mom and brother visited us to share some chemistry experiments, which everyone loved (a black snake emerged from a chemical reaction!), we have continued reading A Wrinkle in Time and started reading Clementine again, and a group had started to play an ongoing game of Dungeons and Dragons (Owen has been the Dungeon Master, creating and narrating the game for other players, with Ray stepping in when he was out). We enjoyed having Sita’s sister Evelyn visit for a day, finally celebrated Addison’s birthday (!), played a whole bunch of GUBS (a super fun card game you may want to check out for your family), and got creative with hot glue constructions in the art room. There have also been some intense games of Spit (a very fast paced playing card game…Emma was psyched to win her first one!) and Mexican train (a domino game using a lot of number skills), and some of us watched a couple “Smarter Everyday” episodes together and learned about the science behind tattoos and laser tattoo removal, as well as interesting facts about kangaroos.

We also got outside to explore the bog, hike to the “caves” in the woods, splash in the river and make stone circle creations on a warm day, and play “hide the chicken” (one of our favorites). We’ve continued to learn French, had writing club with Mark Powell, and celebrated Stathem’s birthday (with some delicious artisan orange/chocolate cupcakes made by his sister!). We volunteered in the food pantry, worked on plays, and practiced lots of jump-roping. This past Tuesday we celebrated and learned about the Mardi Gras tradition in New Orleans, my hometown (and I’m planning to bring photos of how we saw it celebrated in France soon!), and Alyssa brought in a laser printer for Wildwood to use (THANK YOU Alyssa!!) — the kids have loved picking things to print and watching it happen. On Thursday we had a fun Valentine’s Day celebration with lots of shared cards and other creations and yummy treats, and Alyssa shared a Mystery Science all about how the human heart works.

We’ve changed up our documenting practices a bit during the past couple of weeks, and so far we like it! Each day in Dens, everyone takes a few minutes to write down intentions (morning) and micro-reflections (afternoon) in our notebooks or binders, with help if needed. Then on Thursday afternoons we skip Den to have Reflection/Documenting time where each child can look back over their notes and create an overall reflection of the week, to be stored on our computers (either typed in or scanned). Facilitators are taking a few minutes to meet one-on-one with every child during this time, either to be their “scribe” for these summary reflections and type in what they tell us about their week (so we can capture their reflective descriptions in more detail and prompt them with reflection questions), or to talk about what they have written independently. We have been saving these weekly reflections in a Google Drive, and are planning to transfer them to kids’ blogs as those are created. (Then parents will be able to see them easily online anytime!)

Thanks to everyone who has been participating in the Self-Directed Education online class the past couple weeks…I’ve really been enjoying our discussions! I’m wondering if people in the class would like to have our next optional parent discussion gathering about this topic, maybe after we’ve completed the class, to process what we got out of it, or lingering questions? (And parents who didn’t get a chance to take the class would be welcome to come also and learn some about what we discussed in the class…) If you want to come to the next parent discussion group (on this topic or if you have an idea for a different topic), please let me know and I’ll start a group text to figure out a date/time!

Have a great week!


P.S. I’m having technical difficulties adding photos at the end of this newsletter…check back later and we may have some added!


  • Wildwood Potluck THIS Thursday, Feb. 22, 5-8pm, at the Bennett’s house! Please RSVP to Stephanie and Justin at bennettnantz@gmail.com to let them know how many will be coming. Thanks!!
  • We have a new family joining the Wildwood community…Jen and Jon West, and boys Micah and Sage. They’ll be starting at Wildwood on Thursday, and we’re excited to have them join us! They have recently moved here from California, and I know would love to connect with other Wildwood families as they get settled here and learn about the area.
  • Nicole and I are searching for new locations for next year as much as possible, but we could use some help! The space at Regeneration Church is a great option, and we need to give them an answer soon. If you can help check around to make sure we’ve looked at all other possible church (or other) locations, let us know asap..thanks!
  • Sita will be selling eggs from her family’s hens on Mondays at pick-up time, $4/dozen!
  • We’ve installed a new internet filtering system at Wildwood called “Circle” (detailed in an email yesterday)…please let us know if you have any questions about it!
  • Please complete this super short new Doodle Poll (if you haven’t already) to see if a day the first weekend in May would work for the Adult Day of Play (since we couldn’t find an April date that worked for everyone)…thanks!
  • And finally, don’t forget to check the porch table each afternoon at pick-up to see if there are any loose items that belong to your child/family…thank you!


Wednesday, February 21:
  • App Ski Mountain Homeschool Day
 Thursday, February 22:
  • First Day for Micah and Sage, new WW members!
  • Writing Club with Mark
  • Mystery Science with Alyssa
  • Wildwood Potluck at the Bennetts’ house, 5-8pm (please RSVP to bennettnantz@gmail.com)
March 5-9: Spring Break (Wildwood closed)
Friday, March 9: Corrie and her kids are driving to the Schiele Museum of Natural History in Gastonia, and welcomes anyone to join them!
Sunday, March 18, 4pm: Wildwood Community Meeting
  • We’ll gather at 4pm, and start the meeting at 4:15 (end by 5:45)
  • Please RSVP on Facebook or email, and let me know how many kids will come to child care
  • Location TBA (looking for a central, convenient place)

March 5-9 – Break

April 2-3 – Break

May 17 – Last day

Future Community Meetings:
Sunday March 18, 4pm
May (TBD)



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