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Wildwood Newsletter 2/25/18

Hi everyone!

Here’s a recap of some highlights from last week by Alyssa:

Monday began with a Backyard Bird Count with me, Silas, Ray, Vivian, Kirra, and Annabelle. It was an overcast day and we did not find many birds, but that didn’t stop us from looking high and low! I also led some fun group games centering around trust: trust falls (with proper safety instructions, foot placement, hand placement and demonstrations before partnering up for this…ask your kids to show you!), “wind in the willows”, and trust runs. After a short trip to the bog, Nicole and a small group of kids returned with amphibious eggs! They decided to build a habitat for the eggs; this included cleaning the tank, gathering water, rocks, and aquatic vegetation, and selecting a safe spot to keep the tank. Hopefully, we’ll get to see these little guys grow! We had some productive discussions during our Change-Up meeting, including talking about “words that hurt”, and how we want to use or not use certain kinds of words in our community…and planning for “deep dive” groups (groups of kids who want to delve into a certain area of interest together). The kids have also been enjoying our daily number/shape related “puzzles”, which we share during morning meetings and some of us try and solve during the day (it’s hard to resist a challenge!).

Tuesday began with Sita’s Slime Club, which Qynn, Stathem, and many others greatly enjoyed! I never imagined I’d know of so many different types of slime (glitter, foam, bead, scented, what?!). Addison, Vivian, and Alyssa had a riveting game of Qwirkle. It’s a fun tile game where players strategize different combinations of symbols and colors, and is point-based game so kids use their math skills to make sure they get all of their hard earned points! Thomas built a fire with Mike and Mackenzie, which mesmerized some while others cooled their feet in the creek. Owen, Connor and many others are currently working on another dam structure using available creek rocks. Later in the afternoon, Silas, Mike and Ezra began creating their own 3D model designs in Tinkercad (a free online 3D modeling site) to print on our 3D printer. Hopefully, we’ll get a couple of designs printed this week! Harper found time to pull out the Cubelets and designed a very impressive cube-car that

responded to the wave of his hand! Nicole wrapped up the day reading “A Wrinkle in Time” to our little book club.

On Thursday, Micah and Sage started their first day at Wildwood, and needless to say there was quite a buzzy energy. We jumped right in with Mystery Science where we played a game called “Plant Survivor.” We learned how to think like a great Gardener! This involved reading about your plants, determining how much water and sunlight they will need, and selecting an optimal growing area! There were several rounds of Sanctuary Tag (freeze tag in the Sanctuary) followed by Infection
Tag (the “infection” spreads as each new person tagged also becomes a tagger). Vivian introduced us to a Mobius Strip (worth a Google) and showed us how to make our own! Mark (Silas’ father) came for his writing workshop, where the kids read and discussed a new story together…and Rebekah supported our other writing group, where they continued to work on their stories. Grace shared a video and books about Machu Picchu, where we learned interesting facts about this ancient Peruvian City…and this led to checking out another travel video about France. Rebekah continued reading “Clementine” to our little book club. Nicole showed us how properly apply the gooey peanut butter to make awesome bird feeders out of branches, and bird seed. There was also a LOT of river play on this warm day, and finding interesting critters in the water. We wrapped up the week with Reflections, an outdoor gratitude circle, and a group “wave” on the wall!


  • Thanks so much to Stephanie and Justin Bennett for hosting such a fun potluck last week! We decided their place so awesome that we’re going to relocate Wildwood there soon 🙂
  • With the unusually warm weather recently, many kids are wanting to be in the river…which is super fun, we just need everyone to have the right supplies to keep feet safe and our WW house not covered in muddy water. So, from now on, we need every child who may want to go in the river to bring to WW: their own towel, AT LEAST one change of clothes, a plastic bag (or wet bag) to keep wet items, and shoes to wear in the water (could be flip flops, boots, water shoes, crocs, etc.). We also need every child to have some kind of shirt or top on at Wildwood, even when they are in the water. Also, please make sure your child has a change of clothes at Wildwood, even if they are not going in the water. Let us know if you have any questions about this…thanks!
  • We will have a few visitors to Wildwood this week: one child (Joshia) considering joining Wildwood for next year on Monday, and two students from ALC Mosaic in Charlotte will be visiting on Tuesday and Thursday (Andrew and Tessa)
  • We are continuing to look at possible spaces around town for next year…please let us know if anyone is available to help with this process, as there are many places to investigate.
  • Sita will continue to sell eggs from her family’s hens on Mondays at pick-up time, $4/dozen!
  • Please don’t forget to complete this super short Doodle Poll (if you haven’t already) to see if a day the first weekend in May would work for the Adult Day of Play. As soon as everyone has completed this, we’ll pick the day between April and May that works for most people.
  • Re-enrollment forms and deposits for the 2018-19 year are due on March 10! Please contact Nicole or Rebekah if you have any questions at all about this process or about re-enrolling in general.
  • And finally, don’t forget to check the porch table each afternoon at pick-up to see if there are any loose items that belong to your child/family…thank you!
March 5-9: Spring Break (Wildwood closed)
Friday, March 9: Corrie and her kids are driving to the Schiele Museum of Natural History in Gastonia, and welcomes anyone to join them!
Sunday, March 18, 4pm: Wildwood Community Meeting
  • We’ll gather at 4pm, and start the meeting at 4:15 (end by 5:45)
  • Please RSVP on Facebook or email, and let me know how many kids will come to child care
  • Location TBA (looking for a central, convenient place)

March 5-9 – Break

April 2-3 – Break

May 17 – Last day

Future Community Meetings:
Sunday March 18, 4pm
May (TBD)
Whittling a spoon
Working on the dam


Learning about Machu Picchu
Reading about Machu Picchu
Watching travel video about France

Awesome potluck at the Bennetts’!

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