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Wildwood Newsletter 4/8/18

Looking forward to seeing the whole group back together tomorrow! Hope everyone has enjoyed their break and weekend!

The week before break we had another visit from Caleb, the ASU theater student, who engaged us in making up a play as we acted it out (hilarity ensued), and offered some support to those involved in our WW play during a play planning meeting. Catherine came and shared about women in history with us, the ASU sociology students came back and talked with us about plans for exploring different cultures and their cuisines, and we continued reading some dramatic chapters in A Wrinkle in Time (with a small but passionate group of listeners ūüôā ). Our Change-Up meeting focused on working out details of our new practices around technology use; an “approved app” committee is working on a list of apps that are ok for use in the shared spaces of Wildwood (which will be sent to parents to look over when it’s done), and we discussed the preference among many WW kids for maintaining a culture where face-to-face interactions are frequent and prioritized.

We had a yearbook committee meeting with Alyssa, an intense game of Capture the Flag, and goop experiments with Grace, as well as rousing games of Resistance and Cattan and poker. We also had a “culture keepers” planning meeting which many interested kids attended — we talked about creating a new process in which a group of kids and facilitators help support a positive culture at WW by: 1) meeting regularly to discuss what the overall culture is like and if there are any concerns or ideas for change/improvement, and 2) supporting other kids in resolving interpersonal conflicts. We’ll be following up this week with a session on techniques to help people resolve conflicts for this group of kids (they requested some training on this).

We also enjoyed having our friend Jojo visit — his family is from Brazil and made us some delicious Brazilian beans and rice on his last day. David, our French friend, came back again that Thursday — he is a botanist and shared his knowledge with us on a walk in the bog, as well as helped us with our French during more games of French UNO. We spent a lot of time outside on that warm day, playing in the river, exploring in the bog and checking out the growing frog eggs, rope climbing up the hill, and hiding Easter eggs for our Kinderwood friends. Ezra shared all his adventures and photos from his recent trip to NYC with us (many of us are inspired to visit NYC now!), and we did some more chemistry experiments with Alyssa.

This past Thursday we had a fun day with our small group (only 10 kids!). Grace’s former German foreign exchange student, Marie (and Marie’s friend Pia) came to visit, and Marie helped us make two delicious German dishes…potato dumplings and a delicious red cabbage dish. Annabelle and Qynn facilitated two games of Werewolves, during which we practiced German phrases for “werewolf” (werwolf), “go to sleep” (schaf ein), and “wake up” (vah awof). Ray and Owen worked on 4×4 Rubik’s cube solving, Vivian wrote a beautiful letter to Thomas, Qynn experimented with melting and shaping crayon wax, and there was much game playing (Harry Potter board game, all kinds of tag and Night at the Museum in the sanctuary), A Wrinkle in Time reading (we’re almost done!), and crafting in the art room.

This week we will dive deeper into our learning about water quality and river habitats.¬†On Monday¬†and¬†Tuesday¬†we will do some pre-learning in prep for a 2-3 hour workshop that will take place¬†this THURSDAY¬†with the¬†Water Quality Administrator and Stream Monitor Technician¬†for the local organization¬†¬†Mountain True. These folks will come and talk with us about endangered species’ critical habitat zones in our river. We will do some kick-net sampling in the river and go over macroinvertebrate identification,¬†sampling leaf packs, visually inspecting leaf habitats, and identifying collected samples. We will also be making an ecological assessment of the sampling environment. In addition, they will continue helping us learn about Hellbender habitats including how to avoid disturbing such habitats, and identifying the main hazards to these habitats and ways to consider such factors when playing in the rivers/streams. If you wish to learn some on your own, or learn more about river monitoring, check out these videos:¬†¬†http://www.environentalqualityinstitute.org/smie-training.php

We will also be doing more drama activities with Caleb Monday morning, and will have a visitor named Kelsey who is interested in helping out at Wildwood. We’ll also be researching cultures/cuisines in India, Germany, and Africa this week, to share next Monday 4/16 in collaboration with our new sociology student friends from ASU (details in a recent email).

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



  • We will DEFINITELY be in the river on Thursday during our river sampling and habitat assessment activities, so please make sure your child has shoes to wear in the water, as well as a towel and change of clothes! (Kids MUST wear shoes in the river to participate in the river activities).
  • Sita will continue to sell eggs from her family‚Äôs hens at pick-up time, $4/dozen!
  • We have not heard any interest in helping to make a 2018 Wildwood Summer Camp happen…so unless we hear otherwise soon, it is unlikely that this will happen this year.
Monday, April 9: 
  • Caleb, ASU Theater student, is coming back for another drama workshop!

Wednesday, April 11, 10am: Barter Theatre “Aesop’s Fables”¬†(for those who have arranged this with Angela Weaver)

Thursday, April 12: 
  • River sampling and assessment activities with visitors from Mountain True
Monday, April 16: 
  • Sharing cuisines and information about several countries/cultures, with student volunteers from ASU

Wednesday, April 25, 5-8pm:¬† Wildwood Potluck at the Peters’ vacation home in Foscoe¬†(details and directions in email)


May 17 ‚Äď Last day

Future Community Meetings:
May (TBA)

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