Wildwood ALC is a non-profit, agile learning community in Watauga County, NC, for home/unschoolers who wish to engage in collaborative, self-directed learning. At Wildwood ALC everyone is both a learner and a teacher, everyone is fully valued for who they are, and everyone has a meaningful voice in creating our community. Our mixed-age learning environment embraces choice and freedom along with collaboration between peers, facilitators, and the local community. See Wildwood in action in the video below:

At Wildwood, we believe that children should be empowered to pursue their own interests. This is accomplished through Agile tools and practices that can be adapted to shape the culture and make community goals explicit. We’re about agility — continuously assessing what is working for the community and being willing to try something new. We’re about trusting kids like we would any other person. We’re about recognizing children’s innate drive to be curious about the world around them. We’re about empowering young people to become leaders of their own learning … and caring, contributing citizens who can succeed in an ever-changing world.

We are currently open 3 days a week M, Tu, Th from 9 am until 3pm through the school year for homeschooled children ages 7 and up. We are not a “school” and all children need to be registered homeschoolers in the state of NC.

Wildwood was created with support from the The ALC Network. Please look through our site to learn more about what Wildwood ALC is all about.


At Wildwood children:

  • Cultivate their intrinsic motivation while engaging in choice-driven learning experiences
  • Find support, inspiration, and freedom to pursue their own passions and interests
  • Have the opportunity to socialize and collaborate with others in a multi-age setting
  • Connect and engage with the larger community
  • Have access to a wide variety of learning/creative experiences, or “offerings” (classes, workshops, projects, outings, etc.) provided by those within our group and in the larger community who have skills, knowledge, and interests to share
  • Learn flexible tools, and access resources to support them on their lifelong learning journey
  • Participate fully in the co-creation of community practices and culture, and have a real and meaningful voice in the group decision-making process.


At Wildwood, learners gain mentorship with facilitators trained in the ALC Educational Model, access community resources, and interact within a collaborative space around their personal intentions, projects, and goals. Wildwood’s structure allows for students, facilitators, and parents to all have a voice and take an active role in building the community they want. We are not a school so all children must be legally registered as homeschoolers or aim to complete this legal process.